Creating an Expiration Item

Find out how to create an expiration item to track a contract expiration date or any other document expiration date

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An expiration item tracks a document with an expiration date. It can be a contract, a license, a certification a warranty or anything that has an expiration date.

Before adding expiration items, we recommend that you setup you categories first.

Categories will dictate what type of items you’re tracking and their reminder frequency for e-mail notifications. For example, if you’re tracking permits, you might have a category for each permit. If you’re tracking employee licenses, you might have a category for each type of license.

Information on categories can be found linked below:

Adding an expiration item

To add an expiration item, go the expiration list screen by click on Expirations on the top menu.

Click on the New Expiration green button located on the right.

Select the category that you would like to associate this Expiration Item to.

Enter the name for the expiration item. If you’re tracking certificates and licenses for employees, you can add the employee name as the expiration name. If you’re tracking expiration dates for properties for example, you might add the address of that property as the name.

Enter the expiration date of the item. Dates can be set in the past for expired items.

In the "Send notifications to" field you will input the contacts which will receive e-mails about this Expiration Item. We have listed the Contact, as well as their supervisor in this field.

The Owner field is a field used for User permissions. Depending on the role of the User, the Owner field indicates who has permissions to see and edit this item. The Owner role may also be used to establish Watched Expirations.

On the 'Reminders' Tab selected from the left side, a default sequence of reminders to be sent before expiration is shown. This default is originally set at the Category but you can add and remove reminders from the sequence by using the Add Reminder link or the Delete link. It will apply to this expiration item only.

After the item has expired there’s another notification sent besides the configured ones to let you know it has officially expired.

Keep in mind that adding and removing reminders can also be done at the Category level, and that any modifications to reminders made there will set all expiration items under that category to follow suit.

Click on the Save button and you will have made your newly created expiration.

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