Renewing an expiration
Find out how to renew an expiration, a certification, a license, a contract, permits, etc.
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Renewing an expiration is the most common task you’ll do in Expiration Reminder. Every item that’s expired needs to renewed or it’ll stay in that status forever. To renew an expiration is very simple, just edit it, change the expiration date to the new one and that’s it.

Renewing an expiration from the expiration list

Renewing an expiration from the expiration list just click on Expirations on the top menu, look for the expiration that's going to be renewed and then click Renew.

Renewing an expiration from within the contact, location or equipment view

To do this just navigate to the contact, location or equipment record that holds the expiration that you'd like to renew and from the Expiration Items related box locate the expiration and from the drop down menu select renew:

Renewing an expiration by editing the expiration

An expiration can also be renewed by just editing it and changing the current expiration date with the new one. For this, search for expiration that's going to be renewed, click on it and from the view screen click on Edit Expiration:

The renew screen

The renew screen includes the following items:

  • Status: indicate if you have an expiration date or if this document won't expire then set it to No Date.

  • Expiration Date: enter the new expiration date

  • Custom Fields: if the expiration has any custom fields they'll show here. Enter the values of these custom fields.

  • Note: enter a note for the renewal. This will create a Note that will be attached to the expiration. This is optional.

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