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Find out how to create multiple expiration items in one click with category groups
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Category groups allows you to create categories that are composed of other categories. This allows you to input the expiration date for multiple items in one single screen. For example, you might have a category called employee record that’s grouping categories like: first aid certification, nurse certification, college certification, etc.

Configuring a category group

To configure a category group follow first click on Your Account on the top menu and then on Settings.

Then click on Categories on the left menu.

Then click on the green button to create a new category or click on any of the list to edit the category.

In the new or edit screen, click on the Advanced tab and tick the check box Category Group:

Then select the categories that will be part of the group and then click Save.

Using the category group on the quick add expiration screen

The quick add expiration screen is located in Expiration Reminder when viewing contacts, locations or equipments when clicking on New Expiration:

In this screen, select the category group and click Save. Expiration Reminder will create expirations with the missing status for all categories in the group. You can then enter the actual expiration dates individually by clicking on Renew.

Using the category group on the full new expiration screen

To create an expiration using the full screen click on Expirations on the top menu and then click on New Expiration:

Then select the category group as the category and you'll be able to enter the multiple expiration dates in one screen.

After clicking Save, Expiration Reminder will create an individual expiration for each of the category in the category group.

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