Grouping custom fields in tabs
Find out how to place custom fields in different tabs in the screen
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When configuring multiple fields, you might need to group them in different tabs on the expiration item screen. This prevents having a long list of fields on the default Custom Fields tab.

How grouping fields in tabs work

By default, each category has a default tab called Custom Fields where all fields are shown. Generally looks like this.

But when you have a long list of fields, you create tabs on the categories and have the custom fields show up in different ones.

Adding a tab

To add a tab go to the category list by clicking on Your Account and then on Settings.

Then click on the Categories on the left menu.

From the list of categories, click on the Tabs link.

The click on Add a new Tab. In the new screen, just enter the tab name and then click Save.

Assign a tab to a custom field

To assign a tab to a custom field, go the Category list and click on Custom Fields.

From the custom fields list, select the custom field you'd like to change tabs and from the Tabs field select the new one:

Tabs and the quick add expiration screen

Tabs aren't supported in the quick add expiration screen. They only work on the full expiration item screen.

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