Creating a contact
Find out how to create a contact
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Contacts are used in Expiration Reminder to manage profiles or persons. They cannot login into the system but can receive emails and mobile text message reminders.

Adding a contact

To add a contact click on Contacts on the top menu and then click on the green New Contact button.

On the new contact screen enter the name of the contact which the only required field.

The fields are:

  • Name: the contact name. This is a required field.

  • Email: the email of the contact.

  • SMS Phone: the mobile phone number of the contact.

  • Time Zone: indicate in what time zone the contact is located. Reminders will be sent at the time according to this time zone.

  • Type: the contact type. By default can be an employee, customer, vendor or other.

  • Owner: the owner of the contact.

  • Locations: indicate to what location the contact belongs to.

  • Supervisor: indicate who the supervisor of the contact is. This is another contact.

  • Send Notifications: indicate whether the contact will receive notifications or not.

  • Delivery Type: indicates how the contact will receive notifications: email, mobile text message, both or in a grouped email.

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