Escalating to other contacts
Find out how to use escalation rules to send notifications to other contacts at specific times
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Escalation rules allows you to send email and mobile text notifications to specific contacts when certain conditions are met. For example, you can send a notification to a contact when an expiration item hasn’t been renewed 1 day before expiration. You can send a notification when the item hasn’t been renewed 5 days after expiration.

This will allow you to configure escalation messages like for example to notify a specific manager, VP or CEO when items aren’t renewed.

Adding an escalation rules

To add an escalation rules click on Your Account on the top menu and then on Settings.

Then click on Escalation Rules on the left menu.

Then click on the green button to add a new escalation rule.

After creating the escalation rule, you’ll be redirected to the edit screen for the escalation. In this screen you have two options to configure:

  • Conditions

  • Notifications


Conditions allows you to setup rules that will trigger the escalation. If there aren’t any conditions, the rule will apply to all expiration items. You can add as many conditions as needed.

Conditions are built with the same filtering feature available for searching expiration items which means you can build conditions like:

  • When a category equals a specific value

  • When the expiration item has a specific location

  • If a custom field has a value

To add a condition click on he Add Condition button.

In the screen enter the condition name and enter the rule to take into account. Then click Save.


Notification allows you configure who should receive the notifications and on what time frame. You can add as many notifications as needed.

To add a notification, click on the Add Notification button.

In the screen, enter a name for the notification and enter the details:

  • A value for days, month or years

  • The length (day, month or years)

  • Select if the notification should be sent before expiration or after expiration

  • Select if the notifications should be sent to specific contacts, to a variable or custom field, the expiration contacts or the contact supervisor.

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