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Managing the status of a conversation
Managing the status of a conversation
Find out how to change the status of a conversation or reply
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When handling incoming messages, you have three statuses available to keep track of messages. They are: Active, Pending and Closed.

  • Active: The active status means that message was received and that is showing on the Mailbox screen. All newly received messages have an active status. Also, active messages show on the Mailbox top menu as part of red number circle.

  • Pending: The pending status means that the message is being dealt with. It still shows up on the Mailbox screen.

  • Closed: Means the message has been dealt with and no further action is required. Closed messages don’t show up on the Mailbox screen anymore.

Changing the status

To change the status of a message, click on the message, click on the Change Status button and select the proper status from the dropdown list. Then click on the Save button to save the changes.

Changing the status from the list

You can also change the status of a message by clicking on the Change Status link from the list.

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