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Find out what e-mail templates are and how to create them

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Email templates contain the content of the e-mail reminders sent from your account in Expiration Reminder.

With the E-mail Templates feature, you can add new templates or change the Default templates that are available as your "catch-all" when the account was created.

There is an Unlimited amount of E-mail templates available for your Expiration Reminder subscription plan.

Adding & Testing E-mail Templates

To view your E-mail templates click on Your Name on the top-corner to access your menu and then on Settings.

Then click on Email Templates on the left menu. Here you can view your E-mail Templates, or create new ones from the green "New Email Template" button.

In the new screen you can enter the information you'd like within the template.:

  • Name: the name of the email template.

  • Mobile template: what mobile template is going to be used when sending this email.

  • Subject: enter the subject that's going to be used when sending the email.

  • Body: enter the content of the notification or email.

  • +Fields menu: use this menu to enter variables in your templates. More information about variables at the article here: Inserting variables in a template | Expiration Reminder Help Center

Click on "Save" to save the new email template, or you may "Save & Send Test Email" to view how your template looks from your Contact's perspective. Test E-mails will only be sent to the e-mail entered at the screen below.

Default E-mail Templates will already be created in your Expiration Reminder account. These can be edited but cannot be removed as they act as a "catch-all" for any items not assigned a template.

Applying E-mail Templates to Categories

You can apply these templates directly to your categories. You can set all the same template for each reminder, or have a different template for each reminder!

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