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Inserting variables in a template
Inserting variables in a template
Find out how to insert variables from expirations, contact, locations, etc. into templates
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Besides entering content on email and mobile text notification templates, you can also add variables like the expiration item name or the expiration date.

Inserting fields in a template

To insert a variable, click on the Fields list on the bottom left of the body field when adding or editing a template.

You can insert the following variables:

  • The expiration name: contains the expiration item name.

  • The expiration date: contains the expiration date of the item.

  • The expiration comments: This is the comments field in the expiration item.

  • The category name: this shows the category the item belongs to.

  • Days to expire: This shows in how many days the item will expire.

  • Custom fields: any custom field can also be added.

  • Contact fields: name, email, first name, last name and custom fields.

  • Location fields: name.

Keep in mind that all these variables also work on the Subject field.

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