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Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations
Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations

Find out more about what non profit organizations qualify

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Expiration Reminder is happy to work with 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(19) organizations to discuss pricing options for organizations planning to have less than 7,000 expiration items!

Things to know before you begin

We require documentation to verify your status as a tax-exempt charitable organization:

  • If you’re located in the United States, we require documentation to verify your official recognition as a tax-exempt charitable organization by the IRS.

  • If you’re located outside the United States, please submit the appropriate form for charitable status for your country. This document must be provided to you from a governing authority.

Eligible companies

We welcome Expiration Reminder for Nonprofits applications from organizations that hold a valid charitable status with either the IRS (in the United States), a local tax service/charity commission, or a local TechSoup Global partner.

Additionally, your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Is not a legislative or political activity organization

  • Is not a church, association of churches, or other religious or evangelical organization

  • Is not an organization that attempts to influence public opinion

  • Is not a hospital, organization involved with health insurance or group health plans, and related organizations

  • Is not a private grant-making, independent, or operating foundation

  • Does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, political affiliation or beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression

  • Does not promote a particular religious affiliation, dogma, or doctrine as part of its mission or in exchange for its services (being affiliated with a religious organization is not in itself disqualifying)

Submitting documentation of charitable status

Submit the documentation to your agent or to and we will connect with you to discuss next steps.

If you have any questions regarding pricing, or if you have over 7,000 expiration items, please contact

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