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Real time expiration date update
Real time updates and smart categories
Real time updates and smart categories
Find out what smart categories are
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The smart update feature in Expiration Reminder allows getting the expiration date for multiple types of documents, permits, licenses, etc. directly from the source. After getting the information, Expiration Reminder will keep the expiration up to date by checking again with the source at least every 30 days.

In some cases, Expiration Reminder will check more frequently when the expiration date approaches.


Smart updates are configured at the category level. When creating a new category, click on the Smart tab, tick the Is Smart check box and then select from what sources you’d like get the expiration date from.

Supported sources

The follow sources are supported:

Employee Certifications





At any time the source might change the way they provide data or simply stop providing it. In this case, Expiration Reminder will stop receiving updates. This could happen as Expiration Reminder doesn’t have control of the source.

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