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2FA: Two-Factor Authentication
2FA: Two-Factor Authentication
Find out how to enable two factor authentication
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Your Expiration Reminder account is filled with valuable information that increases your team productivity and compliance, so you always want to protect it.

To protect your Expiration Reminder account, we suggest enabling Two-Factor Authentication login verification function within Expiration Reminder.

To enable it, go to Your Account in the top menu and then click on Settings.

Then click on Features.

In that screen, switch the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) option to ON.

When enabled, logging into your Expiration Reminder account will trigger an email (or mobile phone message if a phone number has been configured for the user) to be sent with a verification code that will allow you to access your Expiration Reminder account.

Receiving the code via a mobile phone

To receive the verification code in the user’s mobile phone, just edit the user settings in Expiration Reminder by going to Your Account on the top menu, then on Settings and then clicking on Users from the left menu. Look for the user and just enter their mobile phone number. When they try to login to their account with 2FA enabled, the code will be sent to the phone.

Note: Due to differing protocols, Expiration Reminder’s Two-Factor Authentication cannot work alongside the Single-Sign-On feature. We encourage your company to choose the best option that suits their security needs.

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