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Find out how to integrate the Zendesk App with Expiration Reminder
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Expiration Reminder provides a Zendesk App that allows to view expiration items directly into Zendesk card or create expiration items from inside Zendesk. This way you can view information related to a contract renewal directly inside Zendesk left bar or create an expiration item for an employee certification from a Zendesk ticket that holds employee or candidate information.

Things to know before you begin

  • You need to have an Expiration Reminder account already created to be able to connect the Zendesk App.

Setting up the App

In Zendesk, go to the Settings menu. Go to Apps and then click on Marketplace. In the marketplace, search for the Expiration Reminder app.

Go to Settings menu in Zendesk. On the screen, look for Apps and marketplace.

From the marketplace, search the Expiration Reminder app and click on Install. Once enabled, you’ll need to link your Expiration Reminder account with Zendesk.

Linking Expiration Reminder and Zendesk

To link your Expiration Reminder account with Zendesk, click on the Login with Expiration Reminder link:

Then, on the login screen, login to Expiration Reminder and then click on the green button Allow to allow Zendesk to access your Expiration Reminder account.

Viewing expiration items

The Expiration Reminder Zendesk app will automatically load expiration items related to the contact assigned to the ticket. You don’t need to to do anything:

Creating an expiration item

You can create an expiration item from Zendesk by clicking on the Create link on the Expiration Reminder app.

On the create screen, select the category and the expiration date and the expiration name.

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