Adding a note to an expiration
Find out how to add multiple notes to an expiration
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Multiple notes can be added to an expiration using the related notes section.

This is different from the Comments field in the expiration. The comments field allows to enter extra information of the expiration and its value can be pulled into email templates. Notes can't be pulled into email templates.

Adding a note

To add a note, look for the expiration you'd like to add a note and click on it.

On the expiration view screen, click on Add Note.

You can add as many notes as needed to an expiration.

On the note screen enter:

  • Name: the note name.

  • Body: the content of the note.

  • Relationship: automatically the note will linked to the expiration. If you'd like to add extra relationships to the note, you can do so here.

Click Save.

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