Adding custom fields to expirations

Find out how to add custom field or attributes to expiration items

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Custom fields allows you to track extra information about documents, certifications, licenses, permits, etc.

Some custom fields examples include:

  • License number

  • Registration date

  • Terms

  • Training provider

  • Account executive

  • Amount

  • Cost

  • Etc.

Any amount of custom fields can be added to expirations so you can track the extra information. These custom fields can be then be used to do searches, filtering, reports and be added to custom views and email templates.

Adding a custom field to all categories

To add a custom field, click on Your Account on the top menu and then on Settings.

From the left menu, click on Customize Fields.

From the custom fields screen, click on Expirations tab and then click on Add expiration field.

From the custom field type, choose what type of field you're looking to add:

  • Text: allows to add an open text field.

  • Number: allows to add a field that only accepts numbers.

  • Single option: allows to add a drop down list that only allows selecting one item.

  • Multiple options: allows adding a drop down list that allows selecting multiple options.

  • Date: allows adding a date field.

  • Contact: is field that shows the list of contacts in the system.

  • Multiline text: a text field that allows multiple lines of text.

  • Currency: a number field formatted as a currency.

  • Link: allows entering a web hyperlink.

  • Address: allows entering an address with the auto complete option.

Learn more about the different custom field types.

Then enter the custom field name and click Save.

The custom field will be added and apply to all the Categories and Expirations automatically.

Custom fields and categories

Custom fields for expirations are defined at the category level. If you'd like to add custom fields to all category use the method indicated above which will added custom fields to all categories at the same time.

If you're looking to add a custom field to a specific category this can be done at the category list screen and then adding the Custom field to the Category. Find our Help Article on this task here: Adding custom fields to a category | Expiration Reminder Help Center

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