Custom field types

Find out more information about the different custom field types

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A custom field can be of 6 different types and here's how they look like.

Text field

A text field that allows entering any type of character.

Number field

A number field allows entering any number in the text field.

Single option

The single option field is a drop down list that allows selecting only one option.

Multiple options

The multiple option field is also a drop down list but allows selecting more than one option at a time.

Date field

Allows selecting a date from a calendar.

Multiline text

A text field that allows entering multiple lines of text.


A number field that formats into a currency.

Allows entering a hyperlink to a file or web page in the Internet.


Allows enter an address that auto completes automatically from a database of addresses.


Is a drop down list of the contacts in the system.

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