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Sending notifications for missing status
Sending notifications for missing status
Find out how to send notifications for a missing, no date or on-hold status
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If an expiration item has a status of missing, no date or on-hold, they won't generate notifications by default.

To change this, you can use automations and configure on what circumstances to send notifications and how often.

Create a new email template for the notifications

Add a new email template that will have the message for the notifications that have a missing status.

Click on Your Account and then on Settings.

Then click on Email Templates on the left menu.

Then click on the green button New Email Template to add the template. On the new screen, enter the information.

  • Name: the name of the email template. Call it Missing follow up email template.

  • Subject: enter a subject for the email.

  • Body: enter the body of the email.

Click Save and Close to save the email template.

Create the automation

To configure an automation, click on Your Account on the top menu and then on Automation.

Click on the green button New Automation. On the new screen enter the information.

  • Name: name of the automation. For this one you can call it Send notifications on missing status.

  • Trigger: on what event to trigger the automation. For this one, select Expiration status change.

Click Save.

On the automation configuration screen, first set the status to Published.

On the conditions, click on Add Condition.

On the condition configuration, set the name to Missing Status and set the condition to be Status equals Missing.

Click on Update.

Under actions, click on Add a new Action.

On the new action screen select Send notification and then click next.

On the notification configuration, enter the following information.

  • Name: the name of the action. In this case enter Follow up notifications.

  • Type: select recurrent notifications.

  • Send every: enter how many days apart to send the notifications.

  • End after: enter how many times the notifications will be sent. Select From today in the drop down.

  • Get contact from: for this case, select Expiration Contact to get the contacts from the expiration.

  • Email Template: select the email template that we just created.

Click on update.

Trigger the automation for current expirations in missing status

The automation isn't triggered for current expirations, only for new ones. To trigger it, use the bulk edit tool.

Click on Expirations on the top menu and do a search for all missing ones.

Select all the expirations using the checkboxes.

From the bulk edit tool, under Run Automation, select Yes and select the newly created automation.

Then click on Update.

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