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What are automations
What are automations
Find out what are automations and how to automate tasks
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Automations allows to automate repetitive tasks in Expiration Reminder. For example, creating a set of expirations when a contact is created or scheduling notifications when a specific status or category is met.

Automations are also used with integrations to send information to other systems like for example when an expiration is on a notify status then create a task in Asana.

To create an automation, click on Your Account and then on Automation.

Then click on New Automation. On the new screen enter the name of the automation.

Then enter the trigger for the automation. This can be:

  • Expiration status change: triggered when an expiration changes status.

  • Expiration Create: triggered when an expiration is created.

  • Expiration Update: triggered when the expiration is updated.

  • Expiration Create or Update: triggered either when the expiration is updated or created.

  • Expiration Acknowledge: triggered when the expiration is acknowledged by the user.

On the automation configuration screen, enter the conditions and the actions.

Conditions define under what circumstances the automation is executed.

Actions define what steps to execute in the automation.

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