After creating a policy, the next step is to send the policy to contacts for approval. This is done using Policy Acknowledgements which takes care of sending it to contacts and scheduling the notifications.

To configure a policy acknowledgement, click on Policies on the top menu then click on Configure for the policy.

Under policy acknowledgements, click on New Acknowledgement.

On the new screen enter:

  • Name: the policy acknowledgement name.

  • Audience: the audience to send the notifications. Audiences are composed of contacts.

  • Valid from: enter the date for which the acknowledgement is valid.

  • Valid to: enter the date for which the acknowledgement is valid to.

  • Number of days to respond: days the contacts have to respond. After this number of days, the acknowledgement will stop working.

  • Send alerts every: indicate how often to send the alerts.

  • End after: enter how many alerts to sent.

  • Allow Deny: indicate if the contact is allowed to reject the policy.

  • Allow Exception: indicate if the contact is allowed to request an exception.

  • Delivery Type: indicate which method to use to send the alerts. It can be email, mobile text message or both.

Then click Save.

After this, the system will start automatically scheduling the notifications and start sending them without you having to do anything.

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