Scheduling reports
Find out how to schedule reports and send them via email
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Once a report is created you have the option either to run it to email it on a recurring basis using the report scheduler.

To schedule a report click on Reports on the top menu.

Then click on the report drop down menu and click on Schedule.

Then click on the green button to create a new schedule. On the new schedule screen enter the following information.

  • Name: the schedule name. This can be anything.

  • Run report as user: indicate what user to use to runt the report. This will take into account the permissions for that user.

  • Recurrence pattern: indicate how you'd like to receive the report. The options are: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

  • Time to send report: indicate at what time to send the report.

  • Send report to: select the contacts that will receive the report.

Then click on Save to create the schedule. The system will take care of scheduling the report automatically.

Here's how a delivered email report looks like:

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