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Creating Expirations from Automations
Creating Expirations from Automations

Find out how to create an expiration from an automation

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The create an expiration action allows you to create an expiration in the account from an event. For example, when a contact is created or when an event occurs in another app.

To add a create expiration, click on the Add a new Action button.

In the action type screen, select Create expiration.

In the screen, enter a name for the action and enter the details:

  • Action name: Enter a name for the action

  • Expiration name: enter a name for the expiration. It can be a variable which can be accessed using curly braces.

  • Category: select the category for the expiration.

  • Expiration date: enter how the expiration date will be setup. Choose between No Date, Missing, From Today or Custom. From today allows setting a date from today plus another value. Custom is based on a variable.

  • Contact emails: enter if any emails will be used to associate the expiration to a contact.

Then click Create to save the action.

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