Attaching files to emails
Find out how to attach a file to an email template using the media library
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There will be situations when you'd like to send a file with all emails that go out in Expiration Reminder. This file attachment can be for example instructions on how to renew a document or a guide.

In Expiration Reminder, files aren't attached like regular email attachments. Instead, a file is uploaded in the system and a link is generated. Then this link is included in the email template so the user can click on it and download the file. With this option, if at any time you need to update the file, just update it in the system and when the user clicks on the link, they'll get the latest version of the file.

Adding the file

To add the file to Expiration Reminder, click on Your Account on the top menu and then on Settings.

From the left menu, click on Media Library.

From the medias list, click on the green button to add a new media item. From the new screen, enter the information.

  • Name: the name of the media.

  • File: upload the file for this media.

Then click Save and the media will be saved.

Inserting the file into an email template

Go to the email template now where you'd like to insert the file by clicking on Your Account on the top menu and then on Settings.

Click on email templates on the left menu.

From the email template list, select the email template where the file is going to be included.

In the bottom of the email screen you'll see a button called Media Library (this button will only show if a media file has been added before). Click on that button and select the file you'd like to add.

The link will then be added to the email template.

Click Save to save the email template.

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