Adding custom fields to a contact type
Find out how to add custom fields specifically to a contact type
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Most of the time you’ll also need to store additional information about a contact besides the information already collected like name, email or phone. In this case, you can add custom fields in Expiration Reminder to help you track and store this information.

Custom fields can be added using the Customize fields option which will add the custom fields to all contact types at a time or they can be added individually by contact type. Either option, the custom field will be assigned and managed at the contact type level.

Adding custom fields to a contact type

Custom fields in Expiration Reminder are defined at the contact type level. Let’s say for example that you’re tracking candidates and that besides the candidate name, you also need to track the source or who referred the candidate. In this case, you’ll create a contact type called Candidate and add two custom fields to the contact type: source and referred by.

To configure custom fields per contact type go to the contact type list by clicking on Your Account and then on Settings.

Then click on the Contact Types on the left menu.

From the list of contact types, click on the Custom Fields link.

From the list of custom fields, click on Add a new Field to add then select the field type.

Then, from the new screen enter:

  • Name: the name of the custom field

  • Is Required: if the custom field is required

Then click Save.

Entering custom fields values

Custom fields for contacts are shown in the create and edit contact screen, at the bottom of the screen:

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