Expiration Reminder provides one of the most flexible ways to search and filter for information. You can basically build and filter any kind of report and eventually export the information to a spreadsheet.

You can do a combination in the number of fields until you find the information you need. Below you can find the different options for filtering.

To search contacts, go to Contacts on the top menu and right below the menu you’ll fin the search toolbar.

Select from the left drop down list the field for which you'd like to do a search for. You can choose to search by:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Mobile

  • Time zone

  • Category

  • Category Current

  • Category Expired

  • Status

  • Location

  • Custom Fields

Then select the operator from the middle drop down list.

Then enter the value to search for on the right drop down list.

Then click on the blue Search button.

Combining search rules

You can combine multiple rules in the search by clicking Add Rule. For example, you can do a search by category and by the status of the contact like shown below.

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