Searching for contacts with a category
Find out how to search that have a category with any status, current or expired
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When you have expirations related to contacts like employee certifications or vendor insurances, one of the most common searches you'll do is finding which contacts have a category or simply which ones have it current or expired.

This is done using the contacts search bar and selecting one of the category filters.

To search contacts, go to Contacts on the top menu and right below the menu you’ll fin the search toolbar.

Select from the left drop down list the field for which you'd like to do a search for. You can choose to search by:

  • Category (searches if the contact has the category, regardless of the status)

  • Category Current

  • Category Expired

Then select the operator from the middle drop down list.

Then enter the category to search for on the right drop down list.

Then click on the blue Search button.

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