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Accessing and understanding your account Audit Log

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Your Audit Log can be an important source of information for Admins of your Expiration Reminder account. In the Audit Log you can find information such as

  • a notification was sent to a contact (via e-mail or mobile)

  • an expiration date was changed

  • whether a notification was sent successfully or not

  • a User logged in to the account

  • an item was created, updated or deleted (expiration item, contact, company, location, etc.)

  • ...and more!

Accessing Your Audit Log

Your Audit Log can be found by clicking Your Name in top-right corner, and selecting "Settings" from the drop-down menu. From here you can select 'Audit Log' from the "Security" heading.

Filtering your Audit Log

There are a few ways you can filter your Audit Log to make viewing items easier. You can filter by

Type - you can choose from the type of action that was completed. As an example, you may choose to filter and show only items that have been deleted.

User - here you are able to filter by the User which completed this action. This way you can keep track of the edits being done by other Users of your account.

Date - if you require to view the past activity of a specific date, you can do this by filter with the date filter.

Clicking the blue "Search" button will apply the filter(s) you've applied.

Audit Log via Advanced Reporting Feature

Those subscribers which have chosen a higher-tiered plan will have access to the Advanced Reporting feature. Creating an "Audit Log" type report will give you more detailed access to Audit Log information that is otherwise not available in the account Audit Log. Audit Log reports can only be created and viewed by Admins.

Screenshots below are examples of an Audit Log report-type. You can learn more about creating Reports with the Advanced Reporting Feature at the link below.

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