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Tracking document expiration dates
Tracking document expiration dates
Using expiration items to track document expiration dates for certifications, licenses, contracts, warranties, etc.
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How To Set Up Watched ExpirationsThis method will allow contacts to receive a copy of notifications, and enable notifications for acknowledgements and comments received.
Creating a Document Retention
What are categoriesWhat can be a category depending on your scenario
Duplicating an Expiration ItemHow to generate a copy of an Expiration Item and its contents
Creating an expirationFind out how to create an expiration to track a contract expiration date or any other document expiration date
Renewing an expirationFind out how to renew an expiration, a certification, a license, a contract, permits, etc.
Managing the status of an expirationFind out how to change the status of an expiration to archived, no date, missing or on hold
Changing the reminder frequencyFind out how to change the reminder frequency for expirations
Automatic and recurring renewalsFind out how to set an expiration in automatic renewal so it's renewed on its own
Copying an expirationFind out how to create a copy of an expiration
Adding custom fields to expirationsFind out how to add custom field or attributes to expiration items
Custom field typesFind out more information about the different custom field types
Past activity timelineFind out the history of everything that has happened in an expiration in the audit and history timeline
Upcoming activities timelineFind out any upcoming activities for an expiration like future notifications and schedule
Requesting acknowledgementsFind out how to request acknowledgements to contacts receiving notifications
Archiving and unarchiving an expirationFind out how to archive and unarchive an expiration
Adding a note to an expirationFind out how to add multiple notes to an expiration